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California TB133 Explained

California Technical Bulletin 133 Explained

CAL TB 133 is a standard for evaluating the flammability of furniture. The California Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation has proposed requirements for furniture used in public buildings and spaces. It covers occupancies such as:

·         Health Care Facilities

·         Commercial and Government Office Buildings

·         Old Age Convalescent Homes

·         Public Assembly Areas of Hotels and Motels

·         Hospitals

·         Board and Care Homes

·         Stadiums

·         Auditoriums and Theaters

·         Licensed Child Care Facilities

·         Prison and Jails

CAL TB 133 is a full-scale fire test for a complete piece of furniture manufactured for use in public buildings. It is not a component test. The standards do not specify how to construct furniture, only how they should perform when tested by the following procedure:

A finished piece of furniture is placed in a 10x12x8 foot fire chamber and tested by applying a gas flame for 80 seconds. Then measurements are taken for the rate and amount of heat generated, temperature of the testing room at ceiling and at 4 feet off floor while furniture is burning. Measurements are also taken for smoke opacity at the ceiling and 4 feet off the floor, the amount of carbon monoxide generated and mass loss for one hour or until the fire is completely extinguished.

The most effective solution to this fire standard is to sandwich a SANDEL fire-barrier fabric between the foam and the upholstery fabric of the furniture- this in known as inter-lining. The SANDEL inter-liner stops the fire from burning through to the foam without adding to the smoke or toxicity of the fire because it is an intrinsically non-flammable woven textile. Stable and uniform SANDEL offers consistent protection and work harmoniously with most woven upholstery fabrics in cutting and upholstering.


Several States in the United States, the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe have adopted CAL TB 133 or its equivalent as the legal standard of flame resistance in commercial furniture. In the event of a fire, the Fire Marshall’s investigation will include an inspection of all the furniture. If furniture is found that does not comply with CAL TB 133 the furniture manufacturer and facility owner may be found liable. To protect yourself when selling furniture in these states or nations, it is vital that you test any furniture models using SANDEL® with a certified laboratory.








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California TB133 Explained